Creeks Baseball


CONGRATULATIONS to all of the athletes who tried out for a Creeks Baseball Club team this season! CBC’s coaches were faced with very difficult decisions this year when selecting players to build a team. The coaching staff made every effort to ensure the tryouts were fair and the experience was enjoyable for both the athletes and parents. Tryouts are an opportunity for these young athletes to grow, learn and gain experience and exposure. This type of experience not only prepares young athletes for sports but also in life. 

If your child’s name does not appear on the rosters below, it is important to let your player know that this is not an indication that he doesn’t have skills to offer a team or did something wrong during his tryout. Coaches choose players to fit the overall team and complete a limited roster.  Please continue to practice and play to the best of your abilities. Work on the things that will make you grow, control what you can and do not give up! The coaches had some difficult decisions this tryout. Each player is respected for having the courage to try out, work hard and participate in a process that sometimes can be followed with disappointment. Keep in mind that some of the greatest athletes were turned away from a team more than once. Follow your dream and work hard. We know you have a successful future ahead and we hope you will come back next season and try again.

Below are the finalized rosters. Congratulations and welcome to CBC SPRING ’24!


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