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CBC Spring 2023 Uniform Reveal

As Creeks Baseball Club turns the corner on two decades of producing top talent in Northeast Florida, the club is unveiling their Spring 2023 Season jerseys. “Creeks Baseball Club is rich in history and tradition and we wanted to honor that traditional sentiment by going back to a jersey design we feel captures the essence of CBC,” shared Reed Melcolm, Director of Baseball, “Our white Hawks jersey is one we’ve used in the past and was a crowd favorite so we’re bringing it back. Our uniform committee agreed unanimously that it was a traditional baseball design that served us well and we’re excited to see a new era of players travel across the country wearing this jersey.” The white jersey offers a throwback with old-school font in the Hawks letters and Padres font on the numbers.
To balance the traditional style, CBC is also introducing a new jersey this season that revs up the evolution of our brand with a black two-button jersey that features our recognizable circle CBC logo. “We really did a lot of research in our uniform committee meeting looking at some of the top collegiate programs as well as the MLB teams before we decided on the color, design and numbers for this jersey,” shared Tony Mazzeo, 14U Coach and Uniform Committee member, “While the stripes on the sleeves add an upgraded edge to the black design, the jersey offers a bolder look than the traditional white jersey.”
“We’re excited to introduce these two designs to our players, families and CBC fans,” said CBC Uniform Committee Member, Mike Scott, “These jerseys capture the brand of Creeks Baseball Club – traditional, powerful and classic. And we can’t wait for the Spring ’23 season to start so we can see these jerseys on the field.” The uniform committee consists of Reed Melcolm, Tony Mazzeo, Jade Brown and
Maria Chrissovergis.
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