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about creek baseball club

Creeks Baseball Club is celebrating more than 20 years of being a premier travel baseball program in Northeast Florida. With a successful track record of developing athletes from ages 7U through 15U, our coaches focus on developing and preparing your child for the next level. Equally as important, our program emphasizes good sportsmanship, character and commitment – skills we know will benefit athletes on and off the field. 

A common theme amongst our CBC teams is DEVELOPMENT. We believe in allowing your athlete to play multiple positions giving them a better advantage to advance in the game and training them to bring value to a high school team when they tryout. As the parent, we encourage you to look closely and evaluate programs when deciding where you want your child to play. Is the focus solely on winning tournaments and collecting rings? Or is there a balance of developing athletes in multiple positions while staying competitive? Our CBC coaches, many of which are also high school coaches strongly emphasize the importance of being able to play multiple positions when competing for a spot on a high school team.

Creeks Baseball Club Coaches are experienced. They are paid coaches who have played in college or beyond and allow you to enjoy these fleeting years of being the supportive role of Mom or Dad, while allowing our trusted coaches to develop your child into the best athlete they can be! Many of our Coaches are coaching baseball at surrounding high schools, giving your athlete an opportunity to learn from the very best in Northeast Florida.

We encourage you to visit our ALUMNI page and see first-hand why our process of developing solid athletes who bring value to a baseball team continues to be successful. 

we are a family

Creeks Baseball Club is a FAMILY. Our program is rich in history because we cultivate an environment where memories are made that will last a lifetime. Teammates are like brothers. And our families share a bond that is priceless. It’s why so many of our graduates continue to come back as volunteers, spectators and even as Coaches!

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